Friday, December 28, 2012

Lifestyle Obsessions #4

Hey readers! I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas to those whom actually observe holiday. I don't personally, yet that doesn't mean that I can't treat myself to some holiday gifts on Stardoll at least. A lot of you may have noticed that Stardoll has been offering free gifts if you participate in the whole "Stardoll Academy". Even though most of us probably dread school, I'd give it a shot for some free spending money and clothes (they give away really nice coats and sweaters, which are perfect for the virtual winter).
I'm have also been working on a lengthy interior project: a new staircase! It is inspiredf by the one in my look board, yet up to this date I have improved it's design. Just visit my suite to see it in my main loft room. I simply used the, favorited by most stylish Medoll's, grey shelves from the Suite Shop. They only cost 20 Starcoins each, so try it out yourself. Remember my tip from my last post: I would reccomend starting your stairs out big and then making them smaller as you go back. It will create depth in your suite!
Anyhow, with the new year coming means that there is a possibility for all of us to try a new style or item of clothing that we have never have tried before. Personally on both Stardoll and in my real life, I've tried everything imaginable when it comes to style. However, there is an exception that proves the rule: decades! I've spent some time (and money) investing in some interesting pieces for my medoll ... from the 80's!

On a recent haul, I purchased these two grey jackets from Starbaazar:

Both blazers are from Bonjour Bizou yet only the one on the right is still availible in the Starplaza store yet for 8-6 stardollars I think. I bought mine for 4 in Starplaza, which was a much better deal for me. Although my minimal phase is dying out due to the fact that I have felt a lot more creative, it's slightly hard to style both of them the way I really want to. I love them both because they remind me a lot of the 1980's: strong shoulders, immaculate cuts, and the way they are made remind me so much of an 1980's Calvin Klien suit:
My minimalist phase may be coming to an end, yet  I can still appreciate some very good items to compliment outfits. Who doesn't? On my recent style venture, I decided to layer both coats for a more, how should I say, realistic look. Both jackets in my opinion can be used as shirts if you put your mind to it, just as I did. Many of your jackets can double for other pieces to be used in your outfits for more creative touches, because what fashionista wants to look like everyone else whom has the same item?
This was my look with both jackets. Although in my very own opinion this look does not scream 80's, it is not really supposed to. It's best to use items that are vintage inspired to make your looks more defined. It's never good to look like you walked out of a costume shop in a head to toe period get up. Breaking and mixing period clothing together is a great way to personalize an outfit.:
Bonjour Bizou Grey wool and tweed jackets, Archive H & M inspired belt, Decades black leather belt with gold details, Archive crocodile skin clutch, Tingeling metallic leather pants, Bonjour Bizou black satin heels.

SHF goes dark...

Hey Guys,

so as you know I'm planning a new blog layout/design since months and finally i took the opposite of white and turned into black/darkgray. I hope you like this change, as in my opinion it looks pretty nice and I didn't like the white anymore. Just a new Header is missing.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody, I wish you great festival days!!
Thanks to you our readers, who support and follow us.
We love you!! :*

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lifestyle Obsessions #3

Hello readers. Lately, I've been super busy with trying to be exempt from my final semester exams (I am, thankfully) and doing some house cleaning, literally. I have a very hectic schedual as of late which has hendered my time online, not to mention taking out the fun of Stardoll, which hasn't been that fun lately! I'm pretty sure that a lot of you are aware of the fact that Stardoll will be soon taking away the option to sell items for Starcoins, which will hurt us collectors and fashionista's alike whom want some vintage in their lives. So today, I went on a haul in hopes of purchasing some last minute items for my closet/interior only to find that my hopes were shot down: everything is yet again being sold for dramatic prices just because. I find this disheartening for a lot of us: the basic of It-Girl's wears are being sold for 500 starcoins, and over nothing! Oh well, times are changing right?
Over my hiatus, I recieved two messages concerning my interior design. For the girl who was wondering, no, my suite is not inspired by anyone else on Stardoll. I personally drafted the design in my notebook and executed it by myself. If you have seen someone with my same interior, report them for copying. I'm the only one whom has this one. Also, concerning how to create a staircase like effect, it's quite easy. Stardoll has some great interior items to use. I recommend you to use boxes in the suite shop if it is difficult for you to make them using Stardesign interior. The boxes are wonderful for stacking and have the approproate, realistic shading. I would reccomend starting your stairs out big and then making them smaller as you go back. It will create depth in your suite!
Anyhow, I perfected a mood board from long past before my school got in the way of my blogging.
This was back when Stardoll released, or what I hoped, to be the "coveted" spiked headphones. To my suprise, the graphics were really good and added an interesting flair to the outfit I wore, which was:
Archive catwoman pants, Archive faux paws white jacket, Mortal Kiss fur shrugs, Voile Christian Louboutin inspired heels, Tingeling Celine inspired bag, and the holiday headphones. At the time, I was obsessed with my two Balenciaga inspired bags:
I've always loved these two bags. For one, Stardoll created these two some time ago (about 4,3 years ago) when I remember my fixation with them. I found them in Starbaazar for relatively nice prices for back then, 30 and 53 starcoins. Talk about a deal! Both bags are in a wonderful neutral color, which means that they can go with any outfit day to night. I like the black bag, which is from Rio, because black bags in my opinion go with a lot more outfits than the tan one would ever. The tan City bag would be much better applied with any outfit as long as it contained the same tan color.
I should be posting a lot more this week since I am officially on break due to the fact that I do not have exams anymore (lucky me!). Stay tuned, dolls!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm gonna marry the night!

Today's evening I come up with a post, which makes your start in a new week more powerfull and inspiring - Okay I hope it will have this effect. But let's start now!

Lady GaGa is an artwork, not a person. She's a true artist like Lana del Rey is one. I love both girls, but Lana more for her music and style while Lady GaGa is crazy, unique and individual. She is inspiration. And that's the reason I chose her for my Inspiration-Pinterest. GaGa's music is secondary in contrast to her Style. Often I have the feeling that her talent comes up with Style and not with music, the songs are mostly not my taste of music. But I have some songs I adore, really adore. One of them is 'marry the night', which Lady GaGa describes as a 'love letter to New York' -  you remember the coolest declaration of love for New York? Oh yes 'empire state of mind' from Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.  GaGa brought us a second damn cool song about New York, this feeling you have when you walk down the streets at night...

The original video to 'marry the night' is about 14 minutes, a short movie like Michael Jacksons 'thriller' or GaGas and Beyonce's 'telephone'. I can't show you the video, it's closed in german youtube. Sad. But I have some pictures, which show the most impressive moments in the video.

This moment when Lady GaGa is takin' a bath and clean herself from her past, is natural in my opinion. Her Make-Up is smeared by the water and the real GaGa comes up. A part of her personality is open for everyone. I love this moment really much, so this picture had to be in the pinterest!
I put the cover from the single too, because it's strong and self-confident. GaGa has this power and control, which every woman want or need. The fire is dangerous, but Lady GaGa is looking against this proof.
On the top you can see the shoes and tops with accessoires, I think these pieces bring the Lady GaGa-Look to your MeDoll. You need some interesting and special shoes, like the ones from the Eco-Shop with bones. For the top all you need are some black tops with details, chains, studs - maybe add some cross-necklaces and the Look is perfect.

Two full GaGa-Outfits I put together too, of course. ;) The left one is inspired by the cover from 'marry the night': strong and full of studs, the keypiece is this Onepiece from the Frankie Morello Tribute. I added a belt from Limited Edition and a studded bracelet. The other Outfit is important because of the hair. This hair-color GaGa wore while take the bath. It's mint, a very extroverted color. I bought this from the Doree-Shop for just 6 Stardollars. The Outfit itself is simple, I can't describe it, but in my opinion this is a typical Lady GaGa-look. You need to feel a GaGa-look.

You noticed, 'marry the night' is my favourite Track from Lady GaGa. But I have some others too, I told you in the beginning. Now it's time for the GaGa-Playlist!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get ready for the Finale (RNTM)

I'm one of the 3 lucky contestants, so don't miss it! :)
See you then...

Saturday 19:30 (german time)

Friday, December 7, 2012

short comment :)

so short comment from me.
First thanks to Ina and Ashley for keeping the blog alive, love you girls!
What would i do without ya?!
Sedonndly I want to say sorry for not posting anything in the last weeks.
I will post something about LE Decor tmrw and then I'll go on with  Featured, Get the Look (Rainy Fall Days), etc.

The blog is getting a new design/layout too, asap. :))


Sounds Like Palina #Inspiration

Palina Rojinski - Actress, Presenter, DJane - INSPIRATION. Well Palina is a famous germsan It-Girl (can you say It-Girl to her or is she more?...) and our german readers may know her but I love her! She's unique, young and colorfull in every sense. She gives us the vibe to be a little bit more crazy with fashion. How to describe Palina's Style? She mix and match colors, material, cuts and trends which normally doesn't match together - but when she wears all the mixes, it looks damn cool. You notice I'm fallen in love with her, her power and her creativity..I don't need to talk that much, just to show you my Inspiration.

Maybe someone have some tipps for me to make my collages more professional and cool? I need help!
So there is this simple Outfit with the golden glitter dress and the burgundy lips, she wore at the EMA's in Frankfurt this year, and that much jewelry I love! My MeDoll's hands and fingers are full of rings all the time. Oh and I show you the burgundy lips with my MeDoll, too. They're easy to buy and go with every Outfit. Go girls wear burgundy lips like Palina & Kat Dennings do!!
Another love after the burgundy lips are the blue skirt and this printed-shirt, my MeDoll wear in the second picture. It's an Outfit which is a good beginning to dress up like Palina Rojinski. To continue with this 'Palina-Trend' I searched for some pieces in my closet and found this:
1. HB Stud Collar (bizou) 2. Mr Street Wear Sweatshirt (Fudge) 3. Zebra Window Bag (YH) 4. Stunning Studded Hat (Velvet Orchid)

I don't know what to say now, you can see wonderfull Palina Rojinski and to experience her visit her blog- thanks god, she have a own blog! And baaam at this momemt I know what to write! I have some songs in my mind, which are perfect for Palina. Of course I don't know which music is her favourite..okay not of course, more sadly... sadly I don't know her favourite music. ;( 
But these songs (2 german songs) are like Palina: Unique, colorfull in every sense and damn cool. 

Have fun with these songs and go more crazy everyday. Have a crazy moment every day, in real life and in MeDoll's life! 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lifestyle Obsessions #2

Lately I've been in a null when it comes to my fashion choices. There just isn't as much in my closet to change about anymore: oldies are goodies, but wearing the same white fur coat and Rio hermes bag can become a bit tiring. So, I'm resulting to have myself stick to some minimal accessories and clothing for now until I get into my creative mood again. Also while I'm on this train of thought, I have had many questions lately about how to organize a proper closet in your suite to show off your rares, favorite items, ect. Since I've been getting so many requests, especially about how to show off bags and shoes, I have prepared a little tutorial after my daily look.
DIY sweater, Pet A Porter Clothes Horse black nappa leather tote, Tingeling patent leather wedge shoes
So based off of my lookboard of the day, I've focused on my recent haul of minimal black boots, flats, and strappy platforms. Lately, I've been looking for a shoe with a chunky heel to add to my collection:
From Left to right: It Girl's Black leather wedges, Tingeling patent leather wedges, It-Girl's Brown leather wedges with socks, Fallen Angel black leather wedges, Fallen Angel black leather creepers, Archive black leather creepers
I've been in love with the black tote because it's so versatile. I can truly say that lately it's been one of my favorite ones to pick up and go with my daily outfits. My sweater, which is my design, is inspired by a documentary I saw recently about militant girls from Iraq. You could see it as a little tribute to the lives of the girls and women of the middle east whom fight for their rights as women. I simply layered jewelry ontop of the sweater that fit the girl's face appropriately. I wish that Stardoll made more minimalistic items such as that fab black leather backpack from The Row. I'm also back into shades again for a first, yet I'll have to wait for an appropriate time as to when I'll feel like wearing them again. 
To sate the appetites of those wonderign about presenting their clothes outside of the closet spaces that Stardoll gives us all, which can be very inconvenient to those whom have a lot of clothes (I'm guilty), There are some interesting things you can do to either use as a full time display to locate items or to just vainly display your favorite items! However before I get to this, think about what it is that you are trying to display. It's important to know exactly what it is you want to display before you do it, or else your display could end up uninteresting somewhat. So answer these questions: Do you really like this item? Is is visually appealing? Will it compliment your room decor?
If you say yes to any of those, you can start! Here are some of my favorite items to help:
This rack is fantastic to display items, especially those bags you really love. Here are a few of mine that I've been toting around a lot. Although I've been wearing them often, they tend to get lost in my storage a lot. I have them on display to show their beauty and so that I can easilly locate them.

Making shelves and cubbies for your items are also great for displaying smaller bags, such as clutches, and even your shoes! I have found a member with a wonderful closet space that meets my design expectations. Her name is Olobersyko, a very chic girl who has her Balenciaga, Givenchy,  and Louis Vuitton bags on view to the public.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lifestyle Obsessions #1

Hello everyone! As of late, I just want to thank Manda for inviting me to contribute to this wonderful lookbook blog. Many already know me primarily from The Elite Blogger and Beg For More, yet now I am here to share my style with all of you. It is an honor! Let's take a look at today's lookboard. My lookboards of course will be expressing all of my current and past style obsessions as well as the tips and advice for all of you.


I've had my eye recently in Starbaazar, the only place I dare shop right now due to the lack of considerable merchandise in Starplaza, for statement tops and jewels. My look of the day, which is on the left of the look board. I'm currently wearing it now!:
For those whom are wondeing, the top was made utilising a statement top of my own paired with two shirts from Archive:
(Archive photo flower print tee and Voile SS top)
Which was used to create:
A tip to all of the ladies and gents whom are reading, there is absolutely nothing wrong with layering! I make most of my designer inspired creations by doing this. The Voile top has my favorite strong shoulders, and when paired with the oversized Archive top it creates another very chic shirt. Although my look isn't featuring any statement jewels with it, I have a major tip on a seller whom can easilly sate your appetite for such items. If you are interested in buying some vintage inspired, designer look jewels that actually LOOK like something very impressive, I recommend you stoping by at Bracilia_Jeru's suite. Bracilia_Jeru, whom is a great friend of mine, sells designer look jewels in her Starbaazar for half the cost of other retailers. Want an Erickson Beamon inspired cuff? Only 3 Stardollars. A Tom Binns statement necklace? Only 4 Stardollars! I won't even forget to mention the fact that she makes Rolex and Chanel watches for only 4 Stardollars. Since her items are so amazingly priced, they are often out of stock, so always keep a tab open for Bracilia_Jeru.

Advice for all: White really makes your suite look hyper chic and modern. Light tones make rooms look bigger, and this goes with most interior items from wall decor to furniature. I'll be investing in the white Basic's couch for my main room in my suite to widen the wall space. If you don't want to have the idea that you are being closed in, white it the way to go. Also, making big windows with Stardesign items or buying them from the suite shop really define a space. Just take a look at the bay windows in my suite for example:

Big bay windows really made a boring wall into something really great to look at! You can also make some pretty interesting backgrounds for your windows using Stardesign Interior.

What Makes You Beautiful:

This was THE surprise for the week, Stardoll! Thanks for releasing this Real Brand, can't believe how excited I was in the moment I saw the new shop window..

I know this brand from one of my favourite fashion blogs, which is linked with the clothes-line - lisaplace! This blogger shows the world's most beautiful pictures, she have this amazing style and is inspiring in everything.
But now I wanna talk about the clothes from Stardoll and this huge collection. 7 (!) pages full of clothes from, Diesel, Desigual and Ralph Lauren. In my opinion everyone find something for every Style, just the prices are sometimes high. They starts from Starcoins for jewelry and ends on 22 Stardollars for some clothes. Most prices are ok, but some pieces are still on my wishlist, because the price has put me off....

At first now I show you the shop, with its collection. ;)

There are soo many interesting pieces, but I haven't got that much money so every purchase must be carefully considered. It was hard work for me, to decide what have to be in my virtual closet and to make my MeDoll lucky - but I finished it and here are my shopping results!

1 Lykke Necklace 3$ | 2 White Knot Shirt 7$ | 3 Lea Ankle Boots 8$ | 4 Courage Jacket 21$ | 5 Beaded Transparent Shirt 18$ | 6 Holiday Hot Buys Replay Belt 7$

The 6th purchase isn't directly from - shop. It's the second piece you can get in the 'Hot Buys nelly' calendar. I'm exticed to see, which nice and cool pieces surprise us the next days and weeks until Christmas. Do you know some nice christmas songs?

And last but not least I have some Outfits with nelly-pieces for you.
Which is your favourite? Female Army or the buisness looks in modern way? Leave a comment!

For a good start in the new week I have some 'Happy Songs' for you: 

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