Friday, July 20, 2012

5th Task - The Perfect Model

Hey Models,

because i go on vacation tomorrow for 2 weeks,
you have time for 2 tasks in 2 weeks.

1st: Create a Look in a Marchesa Gown, presented on a Beach.
Marchesa does very beautiful, unique gowns.
Google it and you will find more Information.

2nd: Create an outfit and background to different deadly sins.
Each one of you gets matched to an other sins:
muffins97 - Anger (to be angry to something or hating someone)
Jody_Cailin - Laziness (disinclined to activity or exertion: not energetic or vigorous)
Dreamiiiii - Envy (to be jealous to someone or not to grant something someone)
dubistdie - Lust (to have an intense desire or need)
Sweet-Lips112 - Gluttony (excess in eating or drinking)
mathildamath - Pride (quality or state of being proud - inordinate self esteem)

For both tasks you've got exact 2 weeks time, until Saturday 4th August!
For 5th Task instead of 40 Points you can get 80 Points, because for each picture can 40 points be reached.

Write your entries in the comments, pls with a tinypic link.

Good Luck my Models,

Results Task 4 - The Perfect Model

Hey Models,

so now this comes a bit late, because I was a bit unmotivated and I didn't was that much online at stardoll. I had to do some preperations, because I go on vacation tomorrow.
Because of that this time only I will judge your works, I hadn't the time to ask the others.

mathildamath didn't send in, because she's still in vacation and she still has a free card.

Lets see your Results:

Top Photo:

MandaMichalka: First, im impressed by this Graphic! You featured the gaga bubble dress very good
on your own way. You played with seduction and crazyness, its the typical gaga effect we see here.
I love the Hair and i love the Pose and face.
You show us that there isn't needed any black to be gaga.
I liek this, Well done!

2nd Place:Jody_Cailin

MandaMichalka: So your Graphic Knowings aren't that big, but im always impressed, 
what you create. You came very good from week to week.
Now to your picture you played with crazyness, scareness, danger.
I really like the bone effect on the skin and I love the Idea
of the skulls and bones in a frame. I dont know how you came to this, but its amazing!

3rd Place:
MandaMichalka: I have to say that this is absolutely not the best graphic and I see no shading and the legs look very odd, but the Idea is just really good.
You played with sexuality, sedutcion and a bit danger and a little bit of scareness.
I'm also very happy that you featured the cross, which is one of gagas typical
symbols in her e.g. music video or album cover from Judas.

4th Place:
MandaMichalka: So, first I didn't know what you wanted to say us, but then I saw the bones
and I imagined that your laying in a heap full of bones and I liked the idea.
Well you playes with seduction with your long nude legs and with crazyness,
because of the bones and the pink hair, but something is missing.
Actually I'm missing the WOW-factor, you see?

Inessa... and Sweet-Lips112
MandaMichalka: Inessa, well the graphic is cool, sure, but isn't this just a Lady Gaga?
The task wasn't to create Lady Gaga, it was to do something crazy, something extraordinary.
I can't tell much positive to your idea.

MandaMichalka: When i saw your graphic, i was so so soooo disappointed.
Same as Inessa you only draw a Lady Gaga, that wasn't the task!
You both abosolutely ignored the task and only read the word "gaga".
I think you both had the lowest effort with your idea.

But who is leaving?
Inessa or Kaisa?
I had to think who hast got the more potential and this is Kaisa.
I'm sorry Inessa, but you came more worse to every week.

We wish you the best Inessa and have a nice holiday.

So models, 
thats it for now,
the tasks for the next 2 weeks will come soon in a 2nd post,

xx Manda

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hello everyone i'm so sorry about not posting but 
today i'll be talking about a hot summer trend.
I have been wearing allot of pastels and florals myself and so
have a lot of celebrity's its super cute and can be for 
night or day. celebs like Rihanna have been
rocking the floral shorts
Rihanna's shorts are favailable in topshop  
 so don't be afriad to rock a pair of floral shorts
or a cute blouse with a floral print its a big trend
this summer :]

Friday, July 13, 2012

Style Check

Back with a new Header,
Back with Style Check Cycle 2!

After a long break i will start again posting Style Checks,
from time to time i will post some Style Checks,
based on the Theme Summer Trends/Outfits.

The first Style Check from Cycle 2 is:

(click on the pic to visit her suite)

Colours: 14/15
Makeup/Hair: 10/10
Idea: 9/10

Exact: 48/50 Points

I really like the Outfit and the white dress matched perfect to the pastel colored bag and the brown High Heels. Well Done!
I also adore the Hair and the Makeup, they look very natural and soft.
I'm only missing some accessoires,  e.g. a necklace or a belt, but maybe it would look too odd then.
At the end an amazing outfit! (:


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New MakeUp

New MakeUp Tutorial for you.. 

xxx' Amy

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th Task - The Perfect Model

Hey Models,

So, here's the 4th Task of The Perfect Model.

You have to create a Outfit and backcloth shown in a Scenery/Graphic based on the Theme "Gaga".
I want you to do something very extraordinary and special!
For example a shooting with meat, yes meat you heard right. ;)
Or a room full of rats and deads and in the middle you. ;)
Play with sexuality, seduction, danger, scareness and crazyness (At least you have to choose 2  reactions).
Take inspiration from the unique Lady Gaga and do something that makes us speechless.

Still in the Fight for the Title are:

[If someone of the Models go on holiday during the competition, she has to tell me.]

You have time until Friday, 13th June 23:59 o' clock (12am)

The Jury:
Rahila (rahilaa)
Amy (
Aimee (love-hate-thing)
Manda (MandaMichalka)

Good Luck,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Results Task 3 - The Perfect Model

Hey Models,

Here are the Results of Task 3.
I was pretty impressed how good your entries was and it was hard to decide this time.
muffins97 and mahildamath didnt send in there entries, because they are on vacation,
but both are still safe.

You can get safed for 2 rounds, only if you go on vacation and if you was in the Top 4 in the tasks before and if you always sent in your task on time.

So lets have a look at the judgement:

Top Photo:
MandaMichalka: I love your cover and the whole Color scheme! You used yellow nails and a mint colored dress as summer trend  and they look very very well.
You pose is a typical Cosmopolitan Pose and i really like it.
It could be a professional Magazine!
10/10 wonderful! Your cover is amazing. And I lovee the face. It's natural.
I love your cover the colors are so amazing and the front is so beautiful i really like
your pose and the overall layout well done :]

rahilaa:  Your cover is very basic&natural. I love the text :P

all together: 38,5/40 Points

2nd Place:

MandaMichalka: A very edgy pose and face and you also used a mint colored dress as trend and
bright blonde hair. Pretty nice! The text looks also very well.
I just love how you did the title text! Okay you used "Style" Magazine instead "Cosmopolitan,
but you was and still are on vacation, so you couldn't know it, as you send in the task earlier.
9/10 great pose! But the topics aren't ordered.. and the color of the topics are too bright.
Anyway I like it!

love-hate-thing: A very edgy pose im loving the style of the dress mint in very big in fashion right`
now so well done i loveee the blonde almost white hair love love love it but you could have made the
writing stand out more :]] and face is a little strange 

rahilaa: A little bit dark but the model looks great :) 8/10

all together: 34,5/40 Points

3rd Place:
MandaMichalka: I LOVE that Look of this cover, the colours just are so perfect and i love this text,
but the only summer trend you used is lace at the bustier of the dress. Maybe you used a
pastel pink for your dress, but that's not obviously, as it looks like a normal pink
and pink is always fashionable, its timeless.
8,5/10 Sorry, not mine! Your face looks strange, doesn't it? Hope your next task will be better...

love-hate-thing: : I LOVE that Look of this cover, very professional not loving the lip piercing though`
as it a fun summer look you were meant to be going for but i love the style of the hair. 

rahilaa: Your'e cover is s fantastic,colorful&sexy! ;D

all together: 33,5/40 Points

4th Place:
MandaMichalka: The pose is so cool and the hair so too. And this dress .. awh.. it's the
best dresses from all covers! I love the lace on the dress, its so detailed.
But unfortunately the text of the title looks pretty much inconspicious, moreover
background and the other subtitles look more like an Amateur cover.
This was also a important part of the task, as you had to design the Cover.
But still...
8/10 stunning pose! You've done a good task. 
love-hate-thing: i love the background colors very pretty and the dress is so amazing i really love the lace
top of it and the cut out pieces but not loving the hair looks very drew on and not loving the nose

rahilaa:I love your dress! But the text is a little bit boring :o

all together: 32/40 Points

 5th Place:
MandaMichalka: You was the only one that didn't use a mint colored dress as a trend
(except Jody_Cailin) and used  flower wreaths, which are very trendy and an
Alexander Mc Queen Dress, which was also very announced in the Fashion scene.
Even if your pose is very stiff, you convinced me with your whole look of the cover.
The colors caught my eye!
7/10 Cute! :) I like it. But there you look like a cute girl. Not like a model, I think.. 
love-hate-thing: l Iike the look but you can hardly read the writing and the face looks a little blurry and the
arm pose is a little awkward but i love the hair and makeup

rahilaa:Your cover is so fantastic. Sad, you haven't use any mint colour ;S

all together: 27,5/40 Points

6th Place:
MandaMichalka: Oh Inessa, i liked the pose and the dress, which was
also your only summer trend, too low i think. Well, but it was ok.
But there was something which destroyed the whole look and definitely
didn't match to the rest of the cover and to the theme summer trends.
Im talking about the eyes, they look so much not model like!
Too many eyelashes, its just too much! Even the layout of the background,
 together with the subtitles doesn't look that good.
6/10 One of the best pose today! ^^ But your eyelashes.. too much. :(

love-hate-thing: I love the pose a lot and the layout of the magazine and love the color i really like the
dress but next time allot less eyelashes looks to club instead of model

rahilaa:The pose&cover looks fantastic, but this LASHES! Ewh...

all together: 26,5/40 Points

Inessa, you are eliminated, we wish you a good time and it was nice to have you in our Cycle.
You were always good, but this time you hardly reduce
 -Goodbye, dear.

Thats it for now, Girls.
later i will publish Task 4.

tiwnkle twinkle,