Friday, November 30, 2012

Its Ashley_Doggett

Hey Guys,

so lets welcome Ashley aka ashley_doggett to the SHF Team.
From now she will start posting here.

Her Topics are her own style, style advices and interior tips.

Here is your banner:

Have Fun Ashley! :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Signature Look ?

Sometimes I have the feeling to change my Doll from head to toe, then I go and organize my closet - clean it up -sell all the 'unnecessary stuff'. Some weeks or months later I have this feeling of a needed change again. And then I 'need' a part from the unnecessary stuff from the change before, it's for going crazy! Then I put all these pieces in a wishlist, which is in my mind..Now I haven't got that much pieces in my wishlist, but some of them are hard to find like some black leather shorts from young hollywood or a maxi skirt from the same label. Some classy Chanel pieces, a black/golden detailed jacket from Roberto Cavalli tribute, just such a stuff.

Sometimes I have 'my' look, I call it my 'signature look'. In this time I buy clothes & accessoires where I think they match. I take care of my money and my closet. But these times are rare - at the moment I have such a 'signature look - time'. Now I have the feeling, (omg how often I write this word 'feeling' today...) that this look stays for more times. For me it's always important to wear a Make-Up, which goes in every situation and with every color and every style. Ok this color-aspect isn't that interesting, in my closet black, grey & white are dominant colors.

My actual 'signature look' is easy: simple cuts from clothes, statement-accessoires ( I fallen in love with statement-necklaces, searching for a perfect one in RL..) and this Make-Up of nude lips or a trend-color like purple for the lips and black eyelashes + black eyeliner. My short haircuts in platinum blonde pull the look together - maybe sophisticated, maybe a signature look. I don't know. But I still like it since some weeks, and that's a long long time for me lovin' a special Style.

 So for now I talked so much, I don't want to bore you - so I just want to show you my favourite pieces at the moment.

These clothes and accessoires are all my Keypieces for creating my 'signature look' for this time. And what do you need for a complete look? - Right the Make-Up! Very simple but I like this Make-Up very much. My second Make-Up Version are these eyes just with purple lipstick.

Did you know that for a real signature look I need music to get inspired? 
Blue - the gift

shooting stars and fairytales

Won't be able to post until Thursday

Hey Folks,

so yeah. The headline says it all.
Because of school and RNTM I won't be able to post until Thursday-
I still have to do 2 Tasks for RNTM and I want to send them in on time and parallel i have to learn for an exam on Thursday. Then i can post more again. I'm very sorry for the long delay.
I just hope you keep faithful to our blog. :DD

See ya,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I LOVE IT: Dior AW Couture 2010

Hey Guys,

First i need to say these will be the posts in order for this week and next:
1. Get the Look: Rainy Fall Days (maybe coming tmrw)
2. Halloween: Competition Winners
3. Featured
So now lets come back to my post.
Yes its about Crazy Couture and my passion to it.

So, you maybe know I'm a contestant of the great competition RNTM (where I already won "Winner of the week" 2 times *-* and I'm very happy and proud of it) and the 5th task inter alia was to do a Couture Shoot, but not any, no it had to be a Crazy Couture Shoot. I already loved this idea.
 So while looking some for feeled hours on the web I cam to Dior AW Couture 2010 and oh my gosh I fell in love with these works. I love all pieces, the whole collection is a great piece of art.
The combination of fairy and with is totally awesome. I, as I aready mentioned, love it!

Here is my TOP 10 of this collection:

The cuts, the colours, the ideas are flawless!
This man really is very handsome.
There were many many more impressive designs, but these were the ones my eyes were kept on.
I loved the whole show and the catwalk was great, especially with the gorgeous flowers on it.

To look the whole breathtaking show press play button, here:


At the end I wanna show you my Couture Shoot I did for RNTM Task 5.
Its based on the 1st outfit from my TOP 10 above.

Like my graphic?
Like the collection as much as me?
Tell me in the comments or reactions.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Styles For Archive & Pet Á Porter

So today's evening I just bring you the Styles I made for the archive dress and the green colored sweater from the new clothes line Pet á Porter- Clothes Horses. I wrote about these pieces in my last post, so now here are the Styles.

For every piece I made two styles, an elegant one and a Street-Style. At first we have the 'Dress Inspired by Proenza Schouler', which you can find in the Starbazaar's archive-shop for less money. The elegant Style is an overkill from Chanel-Keypieces but in my opinion this is the perfect way to style this dress high class. It's an old fashioned-touched dress but with the classy Coco Chanel-Accessoires it becomes a modern classic in fashion. The Cut-Outs from this dress with the transparent parts make this dress interesting for me, they give the dress a sexy touch but on a high level - if you know what i mean. ;) The second Style is the Street-Style, perfect for cold days because of this sweater. And this sweater is one of my favourites, also to buy in the archive-shop. The accessoires are grungy and so 'Street-Style'!

Now I have the 'Sottobosco Sweater' for you, this basic sweater you can buy in the new PáP -  Clothes Line for just (!) 87 Starcoins! I love it because of its sparkly arms, which makes a look more elegant. But I've styled the Street-Style too, of course. I have chosen  the white shorts from Miss Sixty, which are one of my favourite pieces ever on Stardoll. My accessoires are black strappy High Heels from Fallen Angel, a necklace also from FA and this black shoulder bag from WOTW. Oh and of course the black cap from a Gucci Tribute - Collection.
The elegant look includes a black mini skirt, strappy High Heels too but more elegant looking, a pearl necklace and my one and only Hot Buys Bag from Voile - omg how much I love this bag. *_*
So now you have some inspiration how to wear the basic sweater or the more individual dress from archive - I hope you enjoyed this post and wish you a good evening/night. ♥


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quick Info + Need Authors

Hey Guys,

there won't be any new posts this week (except weekend) from me, becaue I've got a very busy timetable this week including some school projects, so atm I've got no time. :)
Sorry for letting you wait for the halloween competition and get the look post.
They'll come asap.

BTW, yes i need new authors.
Atm only Ina and me are blogging here because Salla quickly changed her mind of being a SHF author, because of her very school business.
If you are interested to write as an author for SHF, fill in this contract in the comments:

SD Name:
Real Name:
Why you want to be an author:
What you'ld like to post about(I'll give you a request if your topic fits my scheme):

Manda :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Old Archive Or New Horse ?

These days Stardoll released many new shops in the Starplazaa like Transform & Pet á Porter - Clothes Horses. And of course there was this really big thing with Harrods, but seriously all the shops are boring for me. At first I got excited when I read that there will be a collection from Gaultier, ok Junior but still Gaultier. But in the end I was dissapointed, so I don't want to write about it. ^^
The most interesting shop is definitly Transform, this new Make-Up-Store, but it's expensive so not the best for my MeDoll's money. For my money I prefer some clothes from Pet á Porter - Clothes Horses, this shop has some beautiful pieces for Starcoins - yes Starcoins! You have to check out this shop, most of the clothes are not my Style and really old fashioned but some are just amazing.
1 Sottobosco Sweater (PáP) | 2 Black Deep Blazer (Páp) | 3 Dress Inspired By Proenza Schouler (archive) | 4 Amazon High Heels (PáP) | 5 White Tie Shirt (PáP)
Now you may think what's about this dress in the picture, just it's from the Starbazaar. After long long time not shopping there, I had this feeling that it's necessary to check out the shops there. And my favourite one is definitly the 'archive' - you can get the most exciting clothes and accessoires there from Stardoll-times where your MeDoll may wasn't 'born'. And yesterday it was a day for old fashioned clothes, when I found this amazing dress. I can't really say what's so fascinating on this dress, maybe it's this touch from the paths and old times.... I just don't know, but I'm sure that I love it. I just have to try out how to combine it, some ideas are in my mind. If you wanna see some Styles with the dress, then leave a comment!

And now talk about the rest, which I bought in the Pet -á-Porter- Shop. All these pieces are for Starcoins and I think especially the blazer is a musthave in every closet, doesn't care if Star or Non-Star. My favourite piece since today is the green colored sweater, it's modern and edgy but in the same way you can wear it in an elegant and classy way - a new basic in my closet!

If you want to see some Styles for the dress and sweater just leave a comment.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Something new...

So what is "Get the Look"?
This Project is something where i show you how to perfectly dress your doll matching to different styles, special moments or just to a new brand on stardoll.