Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Countdowns + HALLOWEEN COMPETITION


I've got great news for you!
There will be a Halloween competition and I will produce a Halloween video for you.

Do you want to apply the Halloween contest?
Show me your scariest Halloween costume (it must be your own doll).
To apply just fill in this form:

- SD Name:
- Outfit: (imgur link)

The prices:

1st place: 60sd + take place in my Halloween video
2nd place: 30sd + take place in my Halloween video
1st place: 10sd + take place in my Halloween video


Countdown for Germany

Countdown for Great Britian

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Featured: POMAMA Designs

Hey Guys,

today I want to present you the great designs of POMAMA.

These sweaters are in my opinion to die for.
They got these super stylish prints, you see everywhere in winter.
I haven't see these prints anywhere on sd!
They are simply unique.
I prefer the colour darkblue, but the red also looks pretty great.
I did 2 combinations with them, one with each colour.

The focus has to be on the sweaters, so I took decent colours, which emphasize them.
The red one looks great with lightbrown colours, so I took a brown shoulder bag and shoes.
I've choosen the brown Litas with brown socks, but as an alternative you could also take the brown/white uggs.
The darkblue one does look great with beige and black colours, so I took a black shoulder bag, a beige striped Burberry scarf and black litas with grey socks, instead of them, you could also take the black uggs.

Thats it for today.
What do you think?


Friday, October 26, 2012

Finnally: Street Fashion Post - Alternative Clothes

So, finnaly here is the alternative post for the special rares of one of my last posts Steet Fashion.
This is just a short quick Upadte of the post.

Let's start. :)

 Elisebeth James Blazer - Chloe Grey Jacket with Satin Trimes, Archive Silk Origami Blazer
 bonjour bizou HB Leather Bag - Mr. Laptop Case, bonjour bizou Hamper Shoulder Bag
 Amy Clare Silk Tank - Make your Mark Tank Black, HB Top, Original Future Black Crop Top
 Elle Basic Miniskirt - Rykiel Enfant Black Milano Skirt, Wild Candy Licorice Skirt, PPQ Velvet Skirt
 RIO HB Necklace - bonjour bizou Shark Bite Necklace

Archive Silk Shirt - Moschino Tribute Moschino Blouse, bonjour bizou Round Collar Blouse, Original Future Puffball Shirt, VOILE Grand Knitted Wedding Blouse, Supertrash girls Printed Necklace White Blouse

So yeah, that actually were all "rare" things (if you can call these rare^^).
I hope it helped you a bit. :)
I know the post is a bit short, but well, i post more asap. :)

See ya,
Manda :)

Some Lace, Some Orange And A Sweater!

I think you all know me: I'm the author, which have this 'on-off-relationship' to this exticing blog. But now it's 'on' and I hope it stays on for a long long time. I'm the one, who is the Shopping/Style-Guide for Stardoll. I show you exciting new stuff from Starplazaa or old but gold pieces from Starbazaar! 

Thank God it's Friday! And my MeDoll's weekend starts with a Shoppingtrip trough the Sale from 'Pretty In Love' and the brandnew(!) Make-Up-Store 'Transform', which is an adorable but expensive Collection. My favourite piece was definitly the orange Lipstick, which is bright, colorfull and new. All the other Lipstick-Colors I own in a same version from dots or other Make-Up-Stores.
But my mainpoint to write about are the clothes, I bought from 'Pretty In Love'. The first bargain is this nice sweater for just 3 Stardollars, I'm fallen in love with this soft pink color. And the combination from orange lipstick and this soft pink sweater is amazing, or? The sweater is turning into a basic in my closet, I love it with black or leather to get a mix from elegant pieces and rockstar-attitude. If you want a more romantic Look you just need to add white trousers and golden accessoires.
My second bargain are these black shorts with lace-details, also for just 3 Stardollars. These shorts are a little bit famous I think, they were in Starplazaa some time ago and came back in the archive (I just think..I'm not sure) and now they're for this low price in the collection from Pil - catch it! 
Of course I now give you some Outfits with these pieces, just a few ideas how to style them nicely. Like I told you, I searched more romantic pieces for the black shorts. The sweater goes with my favourite trousers at the moment, they're just amazing. The accessoires are a combination from elegant and rock, which match perfectly with the leather trousers and the soft-pink-romantic touched sweater.

What do you think about the pieces? What did you buy in the Sale from PiL? And how did you liked my whole post? Let me know in comments!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our new Authors :)

So, now I want to show you our new 2 Authors.
[This are the only one with me, atm]
Brand new: sa-sarah and old, but gold: LAVIVAA

Here are your, oh-my-gosh-so-fascanating (lol), banners:

Have fun here on SHF!
And now feel free to post! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Featured: LAVIVAA

Hey Guys,

today I featured LAVIVAA.

So this is what I call "Elegant Rock"!
This Outfit really kept my attention, I mean just look at all the little details!
The leggins, the tattoos and shoes, even the black nail polish make this outfit look very rocky,
but when u have a look at the top (also a highlight; a fan shirt of BTD by Lana Del Rey), blazer and the mixed hat it looks very elegant. The hat is also a very great thing, not only the mix of flower wreath and net hat, I mean it looks very mysterious; below of the net two wonderfull dark eyes shine contrary to you.
I really love this crazy mix of rock and elegant clothes.
The Highlight, for me, is this amazing lip colour, omg, it looks so sophisticated and seducting,
I really love it, mixed with the platin blonde hair it just looks to die for!!
I enjoy the whole atmosphare around this styling!
One of the best outfits i lately saw!!

What do you think?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stardolls latest Surprise: Harrods

Today Stardoll released Harrods in Starplaza.
This came totally surprising,
as no one expected it and nowhere (except 2 hours before release) were any spoilers.
Harrods got its own tab in Starplaza on the side.

Let's come to the Stores:

 At all i think the clothes are nice.
My favourite store is Rykiel, as i really like the colours.
But at the end i only bought 4 things from Rykiel as the rest looks a bit childish, i think. :)

I show you now what i bought from all 3 stores:

From Chloe i bought the gray/silver sparkling dress, a grey blazer and a beige coat.
I bought the dress, because I think the cut is very elegant, but still casual and I'm sure it looks great to some beige or brown heels, a white clutch and a bunch.
The grey blazer and the coat were just a must have i had to get.
They are good to combinate to some trousers, maxi bags and casual shirts.

From Gaultier i bought a black hoodie cardigan and a blue, white striped sweater,
i like how the look like and i think the sweater and cardigan fit good to my wardrobe and to some lazy day outfits.

From Rykiel i bought a jacket, 2 skirts and a beautiful shorts.
I love the whole colour scheme of the store, I only didn't buy more, because the sweaters all look a bit childish and i don't like these prints.
The jacket looks very nice with its stripes in different autumn colours and they colours really just look like Rykiel! :D I bought the skirt, because it reminds me of Aztec Prints, which are really trendy nowadays. The Shorts just looks very fashionable and cool so I also bought this one, moreover as curry is also a very trendy autumn colour this year. The black skirt also went into my basket, because I am kinda collecting black skirts haha, and i really liked this one. :)

So thats it. :)

Do you like the Harrods Shops?
What did u buy?


(P.S.: i will post the alternative clothes post of the street fashion post next :D)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get the Look: Street Fashion

Today i want to show you, how to dress Street Fashion perfectly.
Street Fashion is a mix of casual, cool and comfortable but sometimes still elegant clothes.

I show you some great examples, which I tried to dress with Stardoll clothes:

So let's start with the 1st one:

This outfit is kept more in autumn style.
We see a casual combination of a black top, a black skirt, shoes and leggins, where the grey blazer and vest and the brown leather bag definitely are the highlight.
The focus is on the big brown maxi bag (Yeah i know i have resized the bag in the outfit too small, haha :D).
The mix of the leather bag and the grey vest is the elegant part in the outfit and makes it look very fashionable and in a simply way unique.
I really like this outfit and I think its perfect for Fall/Winter.

Let's go on with the 2nd one:

This one is more for warm weather.
Its a combination of a (stardoll mixed) lace top, black litas and a light pink shorts.
The focus is on the lovely shorts and the golden necklace.
The shoulderbag and shoes make it all look very casual, but the golden necklace and silver bracelet together with the light pink shorts gives it an elegant touch.
When i look at this outfit i all the time have this picture in my head, where a model in that outfit is acting outdoor in the Wilderness for a Fotoshooting and everything is warm and peaceful. :D
That outfit is a great think for Summerdays and for walks on the street at sunsets.

Let's come to the 3rd one:

Again we see a casual mix; a white shirt, grey trousers and lightbrown bag.
There's actually no focus on something special, as this outfit is just beautifully easygoing.
The clothes fit together very well and harmoniously.
The roses in combination with the shirt and shoes also look very elegant and I just like how everything is nicely playingtogether and, as i already mentioned, seems so harmoniously.
Actually you could wear this outfit to every season, with the right accesoires.
This outfit is also one of my favourite. :)

Now at last, but not least the 4th one:

This outfit actually embodies the easy, fashionable Street Fashion.
A mix of a casual top, with a stud shorts, a bag, easy shoes and some accessoires.
I think that outfit is perfect, if you want to wear something easy, yet stylish for a lazy day or a comfortable shopping trip with your friends through town.
The 2 layers look (easy white shirt, above something extraordinary, mostly tops with photoprint) fits perfectly to the eye catching studded shorts, mixed with accessoires.
The Creeper shoes also go very good with the whole outfit and make it look more casual and comfortable.
This outfit is my 2nd favourit and i would also definitely wear it in real.


That was my post about Street Fashion.
Hope it helped you a bit. :))

To the stardoll clothes, i know there are some clothes i used which are only hard to get or are just much too rare to get them quickly.
If you want a post with alternative clothes for the rares one tell me in the poll.
See ya,
xxx Manda

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Featured: doll2005

Hey Guys,

i i'd like to welcome you to the first session of "Featured".
I will feature Dolls on this Blog, who shows style and uniqueness.

So my first Doll this Autumn is no one else than
(click on the name to visit him)


This gorgeous boy already got detected in Style Check Summer'12,
where he wore a Outfit inspired by the famous Beyonce in the Video "Telephone" with Lady Gaga.
I remember he got the full points 50/50. He did really deserve.

But lets come back to the Outfit shes wearing today.
So firstly, this is amazing!!
The Face and the Hair so much reminds me of Lady Gaga, and this is art.
I haven't seen anyone (even these Gaga dolls not), that looked so much like her in a sophisticated, glamourus, seducting, lovely way. So, hats off, for this gorgeous Styling.
About the Outfit, the colours fit perfectly together.
I adore this garishly pink Jacket, combinated to the light rose lace stockings and Shorts.
I also think the top is very creative done. Its a LE necklacee, which he put on the brest
and to make it look more realistic she added highlights for the brests below of the necklace.
This is so creepy amazing. :)

Dear Robin,
we all enjoy your awesome creativity, uniqueness and your changeability.
Please go on and continue with showing us such impressive outfits. :)

That was Featured and that was my opinion,
what do you think?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn Fashion'12

Hey Guys,

so I thought about maybe keep going with the Blog, so well yeah,
I started to think about this post. :)
Btw, many things will change here.
There will be new Authors and probably a new (Autmun) Layout/Header too.

So, let's start with the Autumn Fashion'12:

Coats and Long Cardigans in Autumn colours burgundy, grey, black, curry and beige are totally in.
They keep you warm and are still very fashionable.

Kakhi Shirts and Tops in/with Aztec Pattern are pretty popular this fall.
They are nice to combine and  just simple, but yet stylish and cool things.

Wool Sweaters in different patterns are pretty great to wear this year.
Whether stripes, dots, sweaters with ombre effects or a sweater with an easy mix of colours are a great thing to let you shine at cold days and for sure to keep you warm.
Absolutely a Must Have!


Trousers in gray, white, dark colours or striped pattern look perfect to a wool sweater and a nice
cardigan mixed with a nice pair of JC's Litas.
At least one piece has to be in your wardrobe.
Also a Must Have this Fall.

That's it for today,
hope you liked the post.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do you want SHF to go on?

Hey Guys,

so long time here were no arcitles and posts, as the authors aren't that active and I 
don't want to be the only one who writes articles.

Do you want a Autumn Style of SHF, with new authors.?

I need your opinion if you want SHF to go on.
Tell me in the comments or give your vote below of this post in the reactions.

manda :)