Saturday, March 24, 2012

non-ss outfits!

Hiyaa! (:
Now, i havn't a make-up..
right now i have no time for
stardoll, blogger, week i write 3
class-tests, so i must study! But i've 3 outfits for you.
 My basic is the Jeans Jacket from IT GIRLS.

You know? :)
And i really love this jacket! :33
You too? The next 3 outfits
are for non-ss. :]
Here they are:

And here the prices:

 Which outfit is the best?
Write a comment with the number. ^^
See you soon. c:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Right now turquoise is a popular colour
its one of my favourtie colours to. A lot of
celebritys have been wearing the colour
on a bag,dress or pair of statment shoes
and some celeb even take it as far as dying
there hair turquoise hope you guys enjoy:]

(Fearne cotton)

(Blake Lively)

(Lady gaga)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LE is out!

Hey Guys,

so LE came out pretty quickly!
Actually its logical, 'cause today it's Spring beginning.

I really like this collection.
Its simply great and much better than the old one.
Okay, there are some No-Go's but i really appreciate the Scale ruffle dress and Shell print peplum jacket.
They are based on Alexander McQueen's.
The look of the store is fantastic, even if I think this is all more summer like.

Well a big negativ point are the prices, one pair of shoes already costs 50sd and nearly
every dress costs 200sd.
I think Stardoll should improve in their prices.

So what do u think of the new LE?
Must-Have or Fail?

xoxo, Manda

Monday, March 19, 2012

LE Spoilers!

The new LE Spoilers are out!

I think the Clothes are good!
There are many LE's that look so fantastic, but also many not so good one's.
The cuts are great and the quality, too.
Moreover the things which are in the grey background, are animated, they shine.
The store looks cool, too.
The theme is Underwater and the clothes are very mermaid like.

It's obviously that the clothes will be very expensive,
when u think of the good quality and details.

I think they'll come out earliest end of the week.

What do u think?
Do u like them?

xoxo, Manda (:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jessica Alba inspired Outfit

Hey :P

Soo....I'm back with a inspired Outfit ;)

The outfit, who's Jessica wears when she was shoping with a couple of friends. is very 'basic'.
Critics praised the outfit. The yellow scarf gives a colourful touch. Rock,chick&casual :P
Cotton bag forever <3 ;D

Sunglasses- Rayban
Coat- Miu Miu
Scarf- Armand Diradourian
Jeggings- Levi's

Hope u like it ^.^

xxxxxxxxx Ila :*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eco Design for a better World comes!

Hey Guys,

In spoilers I can see the new Interior and clothes,
lets get excited!
I think the store comes out soon!
Here's a pic:

btw you can see th clothes already on surch in starplaza ;)
They aren't that great, i tihnk, but i love these Bones Shoes!

xoxo, Manda

Sunday, March 11, 2012

KONY 2012

Hey :) If you’ve gone online in the past couple of days you’ve probably noticed a lot of talk about a guy named Kony. Joseph Kony is an African war criminal responsible for over 2 decades of violence and countless atrocities. His army, the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) has abducted and displaced thousands of innocent people and it must be stopped. In order to stay in power and keep his army, he abducts children and forces them to be killers…it’s absolutely horrific.

The Invisible Children organization formed in response to this and has been working to end the armed conflict for the past 9 or so years. Since Kony is the leader of the conflict, they created the KONY 2012 campaign in the hopes of making him “famous”, because if people know who he is, they can come together to bring him down.

Within the last few days the movement has gained incredible traction. The video below has gone viral and pretty much every social network is flooded with talk of it. The video is long but incredibly moving and explains everything…if you haven’t watched it yet I really encourage you to:


Even if you don’t live anywhere close to where this is happening it still affects you, because in order for a response to be made it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. Only then will those in power be motivated to do something.

Even if you don’t live anywhere close to where this is happening it still affects you, because in order for a response to be made it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. Only then will those in power be motivated to do something.

xxx Ila

Monday, March 5, 2012

Style Idol: Selena Gomez

Hey Models,

Now I've got a Selena Gomez Look-a-Like for you :)

The outfit is only inspired by Selena Gomez' Outfit.
I didnt didnt find the same clothes, so i made an inspired Look for the evening.
The Outfit is based on the Colours, black, purple, grey and white.
The makeup is based on a soft pink lipstick, including a dark berry eye shadow and a black mascara.

I hope you like my Look-a-Like :)
xoxo, Manda

Sunday, March 4, 2012

TGIF! Jewelry Displays


TGIF everyone! ***Redecorating my bedroom has got me in a really organizational frame of mind. One thing that I find is always particularly difficult to organize is my jewelry collection. It’s so important to keep it all tidy and safe in order to maintain the condition of your pieces, but I think you have to really like your jewelry stand or display in order to keep up with your organization. Below are 5 super cute and creative DIY jewelry display ideas that have me motivated and would be really fun weekend activities.Yeah, i know, it's sunday. But for the next Friday, i think it's a good idea. I'll going tomorrow to make it! ;D

Using picture frames is a classic way to display your jewelry to make it more visually appealing. Here are three different takes on the picture frame method:

1. Applying chicken net to the back of a standard frame will give you the perfect size hooks to hang your earrings from. Get the steps for how to do so here.
DIY Jewelry Designs
2. Another way to use frames and wires for your jewelry is to simply run a single strand of wire across the back of the frame. This is a much simpler alternative to the chicken net idea above. Click here for more info on how to make this wire/frame combo.
DIY Jewelry Designs

3. It looks like this framed display was made with shadowboxes, which you can get at Target or most home décor stores. Just hang on the wall as usual, add pushpins, and hang your jewelry, violà!
DIY Jewelry Designs
4. Okay, onto other materials! How perfect is this DIY jewelry stand made out of pretty plates? It’s such a simple and brilliant idea and they could turn out so many different ways depending on the plates that you choose. Click here for the instructions. (If crafts aren’t really your thing, try a cake stand for a similar effect.)
DIY Jewelry Designs
DIY Jewelry Designs
5. This DIY antler jewelry display is too cool. I love the tips and it's a really adventurous and original way to show off your accessories as well as your artsy-ness! Click here for the how-to.

What’s another creative way to display your jewelry? Leave your ideas below!

Sorry, for not posting a long time, i was really ^^
Hope u like this post, my cousin wrote it. I don't speak/write english so good. Thanks Shay! :)
***My cousin also redecorating her bedroom, not I! ;D 

xxx Ila :)
Are you ready?
Enjoy it. ;33

I like it a lot!
You too? (:
1st: Black Mascara; Black Eye liner [dot]
2nd: Black &' White Eyepencil [dot]
3rd: Black &' White Eye Shadow
4th: LUXE Lipgloss; Peachy Blush; Brown Blush; Rose Blush [dot]

                 Amy. :)