Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Topshop Bag :)


Today i was searching for a bag with my mum on Topshop&then i saw this:

Isn't that the same? :P You can buy this bag in Bonjour Bizou, in Topshop you must to pay 38£ ^^
It have it also in white, i think that's pretty, but my mom does not like it...^^ I think (When i have it) I'll wear it on a party, only for one time ;P

BYEE :**

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey everyone today I'm here with a big trend on stardoll
I have been seeing a lot of girls wearing flower wreaths i
think they are beautiful and anyone can have one many
girls sell them or you could design your own like

Her design

she sells them for 20sd a bit pricey but who cares :)
there inspired by the Le floral wreaths

Hope you enjoyed :)