Friday, August 31, 2012

We need Authors (:

Do u want to be an Author?
Do you like to blog and post about different special themes?

Then you are welcome. (:
You can nearly choose every them you'd like about.

Fill in this form:

Stardoll Name:
Theme you want to post about:
Why you want to be an Author:

If you want to apply write your form into the Comments.

Have a nice Day,


Winners - 100 Readers Competition

Hey Guys,

All entries were amazing!
But at the end only 3 could win. ^-^ 

1st Place goes to...
You won 80sd
Such an extraordinary mix of leather and chic.

2nd Place goes to...
You won 40sd
 Nice combine of 2 tops and awesome color scheme.

3rd Place goes to...
You won 20sd
A really nice otufit, very simple but nervertheless elegant and glamourus.

You all did gorgeous outfits, which i really like and also would wear.

So that's it, guys (:

I think i will make more of these competitions where you have to combine different clothing.

(P.S.: To all the Winners, reserve something for the sd amount you won)


Monday, August 27, 2012

100 Readers (:

Thank you!
Thanks for 100 Readers!
At this wonderfull moment we give u the Chance to win 80 Stardollars!

What do u have to do?
Create an Outfit with my Doll where i want you to combine this item,
upload this at and post it in the comments.

I thought it's just a nice idea and 80sd are easy earned money.

There 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place.

1st Place: 80sd

2nd Place: 40sd

3rd Place: 20sd

Good Luck,
xxx Manda

aby400 - New Chanel

Hello my Dears, 

I just have this fashionista for you today. She combined this typical black Coco-Skirt with modern jewelery, which is kinda edgy. The white shirt is more elegant, but in a modern way. All in all aby400 made the classy Coco-Chanel-Chic modern and edgy - we all know THIS IS FASHION! Oh and did you see this adorable hairstyling? It's from the new Tress Up-Collection and costs 13 Stardollars - totally worthy.

kiss kiss,
bye bye

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marianela- Grunge Girl

Hello my Dears, 

Yes I'm the new author for this blog and I'm happy about it. For all the readers, who don't know me: I'm an 18 years old girl from Germany, called Ina and since 3 years I am at Stardoll with my account LAVIVAA. 
My topic are Stardoll-Trends, including presenting impressive Looks from MeDolls. So now I have a fantastic Look for you, which I found just today!

 I took this Outfit from Marianela- as the first Outfit I present, because it remembers me on the Grunge Style. It's modern and cool, also kinda edgy. This jeans vest is amazing, the onepiece from the frankie morello tribute give it a special and individuall look. Impressive! If you like it as I do, just give her a look, the suite is also very nice. 

I hope you like my first post here.
kiss kiss, 
bye bye. 

New Author (:

Hey Guys, we've got a new Author,
its sweet LAVIVAA from Media Partner Curious Stardoll Critics.
She will tell you later more.

Here is the writing banner i made for her:


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Heya Guys,
it's Manda here. ^^

I just came to say TOXIC is released! :D

Go here to read the whole Magazine.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Toxic Magazine; Go follow and join it!

Heya Guys,

so maybe you also know about it, but together with Afrin (afrin_98) i'm working on a Magazine.
It's called Toxic!

Go here to visit the Blog
Go here to become a Model

The Magazine will be released actually in September but probably already in mid August.
I can already tell you that the Magazine will be including 6 Photoshoots of 6 wonderfull Models and great Articles.

At the moment I can't tell you who the Covergirl will be, as it will be a surprise.

Have a nice Day,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey everyone
another big trend right now is crosses
i see soooo many celebrity's wearing them and i own quite a few
myself not really for region but just for the fashion quite a lot of
them are up side down and i know a few celebs even have tattoos of them
you can wear them as rings or necklaces or earrings or clothing

 hope you liked this post - Aimee 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Style Check

Hey Guys,

Today I've choosen doll2005, click on the picture to visit her suite.
And Guess what? She inspired her outfit from the Beyonce in Lady Gaga's Telephone music video!

Combination: 15/15
Colours: 15/15
Makeup/Hair: 10/10
Idea: 10/10

Exact: 50/50 Points
Wow your the 2nd Style Check in Style Check Cycle 2 and you already got the full points!
Your Outfit is very very unique, the Colours fit so well and the Idea to inspire like Beyonce in Telephone is just amazing!
I was so speachless when i saw your Outfit!
Well Done! The Makeup and Hair is also very very good and the pink lips fit very well with the rest of the outfit! (: