Monday, March 25, 2013

Ashley_Doggett here!

Hey everyone!
Before I begin my blog post, I want to say thank you to all of the members on Stardoll who voted me NCG of Germany recently. Once more, thanks. It means a lot for me to represent German fashionistas on Stardoll or for whatever reason you all voted me. As of now, I'm not doing very much or finding anyone worth a whole segment  of Lifestyle Obsessions nor am I really "inspired" by much these days. I am however in the process of opening a design shop in my suite once I finish with the interior decorations, ect. You all possibly saw me speak about it on my personal blog The Dollywood Socialite.  
I will be posting a few more of my looks this week that I missed posting here very soon. I'm a bit behind on my blog posts here but I'll be back very soon! It's just been hard to bring you all something worth speaking about. I will however share my current look with you all. I might have to take back what I said about being inspired since this outfit seems to scream Shala Monroque at the front row of a Prada or Celine show. I bought a bunch of things from Tingeling since Stardoll is shutting down the store after 7 years of it being around. I'm going to miss it!
Earrings - Combinations between Tingeling and Bonjour Bizou
Shirt - Tingeling
Skirt - Tingeling
Belt - Archives
Detail on belt - Combinations between Windows on the World and Folk(Bazaar)
Bracelets - Combinations between Liu Jo and Special Offer
Clutch - Tingeling
Detail on clutch - Folk(Bazaar)
Strappy Sandals - Folk(Bazaar)
I'll have more here soon, so hang in there!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #12

Lately my days on Stardoll and in real life have been very exciting. People have been purchasing my artwork, school is almost over for me, and I am college bound very soon. I'm also making minature headway with my fictional story/log about Dollywood social life Here. 

However, I have other thoughts to attend to. I hear that a lot of you are excited about making your own personal closet in your suites due to my last post, which really made my heart flutter. I appreciate all of the comments in my guestbook concerning the blog post and I will be more than happy to share more of my interior design ideas with you all the while sharing the talents of others. It would be awesome if you all could send me some of your attempts, good or bad, so that I can display them sometimes. Your inspiration has helped fuel my own interior design dreams. Thanks to you all, I'll be attempting my latest project, which I will possibly reveal tomorrow if all is good.

(click to enlarge)

I've also decided to share some images from my Stardoll design journals with you all so that you can get a glimpse as to where my inspiration comes from. I think it's important, even if you are not artistically inclined, to keep a record of your daily events in a note book. It's fun to look back on to see where you were mentally at that point and time.  I do this a lot with my own personal fashion choices when it comes to plotting out my outfit for the next day. I'm not a super organized person, yet it does help to make a list of what you have worn and haven't (especially when you have so many clothes).

Now, onto today's obsessions!


Jacket - Combinations between Archives and
Bag -
Tights - Special Offer
Pumps -
Sunglasses - LE
Necktie- Archives
Pumps - Nelly
Earrings - Combinations between Film Theory and Glamrus'

I have not been updating my outfits lately, yet I have plenty of look boards in my folder to show you all one day. This outfit was inspired by Kim Kardashian, one of my "style" icons. I don't always agree with what she has on since a stylist usually picks out most of her clothes alongside Kanye West, yet that doesn't mean she doesn't look great in them. None the less, this is the outfit! There is not much to say other than black never goes out of style. It's a very versatile shade!


(click to enlarge)

Part of my latest interior feat deals a lot with modernist architecture and design overall. I am still on my Hollywood, minimalist kick when it comes to this style, so I want to incorperate a room in my suite to reflect my inspirations and ideas. However, I always take to the streets of Dollywood to see what examples I can find for you all before I show you my own. Some things are just easier to look at.

Member Laaajzaa had a modernist living space that I could just not ignore. I have had these images for a while in my "suite ideas" folder for about two months, so they might be a bit dated, but it's totally worth taking a look at. I would only serve you the best!

Closet Spaces:

Living Room Spaces:

I hope you all have been having fun in Dollywood!

RNTM Cycle 6 + Trailer

Hey dollies,

I just came here to tell you that a new cycle of RNTM is out for some weeks, so you should hurry now to apply it, if you ever wanted to join RNTM.
I won RNTM Cycle 5 and I can only tell you its worth your time, it's soooo much fun to enter it. :)
Don't pass this opportunity and use your chances now before it's too late. ^-^


This is the gorgeous trailer, enjoy it and apply here as a model contestant:

Twinkle Twinkle,
Manda El Rose

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lifestyle Obessions #11

Hello everyone! As of late, I'm sure you've all been noticing the fact that I've been writing more fashion/lookbook articles rather than ones aimed at interior design. Well, here it goes! It's simply a part of my obligations to you wonderful readers to talk about my interior ideals, trends, and ect. However, before I delve off into this post, I'd like to share my latest project:
I only have one phrase for you all: art & lifestyle. The project is still in the works, so keep looking out for updates! If you are intrested in being involved in it, give me a reply in my guestbook. You know where to find me.
Now, onward to the post:
After some time ( 3 hours to be exact ), I have completed my dream closet to show off my favorite vintage cocktail dresses , gowns , furs and  as well as a few of my favorite designer inspired items (Hermes, Louis, Burberry, ect.). This interior project was really a labor of love on my part as I went off of a blueprint that really matched my dreams and Stardoll bank account. I envisioned a space dedicated solely to fashion and nothing else, filled with elegant furinature, baubles, and fresh accents of flowers. My good friend Stlgossip16 helped me with choosing the furnishings from the new Opulence collection in Starplaza. Kudos to him! Take a look at his closet space before you continue with your proceedings to see why I consulted with him:
As you can see, he's wonderful as well. However, my talent is often met with the mentality of an artist, thus leading to my profound thoughts being fueled by something or someone else in that matter. 
My new closet is heavilly inspired by Dollywood's super socialite Isabella.Arci, whom I have admired for some time now due to her prowess as a, you guessed it, fashionista. You could once find these ladies suites decked out in pure extravagance, mixing vintage furinature with modern items to create a fab look way before it became popular in the mainstream Stardoll scene. These screencaps were taken somewhere between
late 2007- early 2008 I suppose.
Isabella.Arci Then...:
Everything about these spaces really gave me a "jolt" per say. I loved the look of the layered Persian rugs and the floral arangements, which reminded me heavilly of my own vision. One can't help but to further emulate to some extent.
However, with Isabella's return to Dollywood, she has revamped her suite and closet space to this.
ladies and gentlemen, feast:
It is purely seen that there are several inspiring members on Stardoll that know what they're doing with their interior design.  Although it is not proper to copy another's look, take these images in good stride and be inspired with caution.

Happy designing, loves!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #10

Hey readers! So, I have a new lookboard to present!

So this is my look board for today. Lately I've been inspired by sensuality. Maybe it's because I've been reading a lot of books with, let's just say, "adult" themes. I'm still into the ever present white, minimalist trend, yet something aout sensuality hits me on a more personal level. I've read an amazing photo diary called Carnival Strippers, which documents the photos taken by a feminist photographer in the 1970's of literal strippers who worked for traveling fairs. The small "photo series" I have alongside my lookboard is inspired by that. I've also watched a very moving yet brutally honest documentary called Whore's Glory that puts some true perspective on prostitution but moreso on the women who are involved in the business.
However don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting that I'm into the sex trade or dressing like a sex worker/stripper. What I'm intrested in is the pure sensuality that goes along with it. It really translates well into one's dressing.
Fur - Barbie Campaign
Sheer Shirt - Archives
Bra - Basics
Belt - Archives
Hermes inspired Bag - Rio
Skirt(s) - Combinations between Rio and Fallen Angel
Shoes - Nelly
Sunglasses - Decades
Earrings - Combinations between Film Theory and Glamrus'

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a virtual "night on the town" after the TTT awards with a few of my friends. The next day when I logged into my account, I just tweaked the outfit a bit to include the sheer top with was a gift from my best friend Laia_Fergusson_ who owns and runs Luis' Kingdom. Sheer, black, and leather details really evoke a strong sense of sensual beauty in my opinion.
Although I don't usually rehash clothes I wore the day before, I'm in love with this top. I've always wanted the sheer L-S top from Archives for a while. It seems like all of my wishlist dreams are coming true slowly, and as a Stardoll fashionista it's only natural to covet the best of the best.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #9

So I'm sure that some of you attended some after parties after the TTT awards, right? I hope you did! It's only natural to keep the fun going once all of the formal hype has gone down. That's exactly what I did. I got a late night invite from a good friend of mine in Dollywood to go to an after party, so I suited up in my "sexy" clothes and headed out to the chat lounge for a TTT soiree.
This is an outfit I wore to an after party I was invited to after the TTT awards. Although I do not personally agree with the whole "elite" status quo, I found it funny to wear a shirt for kicks. I designed it in the new stardesign promotion for Monster High. I love when Stardoll does things like this because I can make designs and not pay stardollars for them. I know, it sounds very cheap of me but I am a frugal artist! The party lasted for quite a while. We all discussed our celebrity in Dollywood, fashion, and a minature "catfight" nearly errupted between two of Dollywood's popular bloggers (but my lips will never tell!). In all honesty, a good time was had and everyone looked great. While all of this was going on, I was doing a bit of trend spotting and noticed a few people wearing the new Royalty only wigs, which in my opinion are the only items worth buying from that shop. 

Sheer Top - Archives
Tank - My Design
Skirt - Archives
Chanel inspired clutch - Voile
Tights - Special Offer
Shoe(s) - Combination between My Design and Rio
Have any after party glam shots? Send them my way!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #8

So it's been a while since I posted here! Wow, huh? Well, Dollywood has been going through a lot of intresting things lately to keep us all entertained and I've been busy keeping up with it. We've had two awards shows going on, several magazine releases, and a fantastic fashion show that made us look back longingly on a long gone era. Aside from that, I've been persuing a modeling career in Dollywood to balance out my fashion commentary and socialite work, and it's been very fun! Recently I had my own feature with Kirsten(Sparklewand12) in Pau.Cam.Arena and Laia_Fergusson_'s magazine Trendy:
So as you can tell, things have been very exciting yet busy for me. I have a lot of magazine articles to write for several others, which means more exposure that I'm craving, but I missed you all!
Anyhow, I put this look together without a pure "theme" I guess. I'm still using old items with my newer pieces, yet this look is compiled of everything I've had for the pasr 6 months or more. I've hardly done any shopping!
Jacket: Bonjour Bizou
Shirt : My Design
Belt: Archive
Skirt: Archive
Fur: Decades
Celine inspired Bag: Tingeling
Tights: Special Offer
Shoes: Combination Between My Design and Rio
This marks my return finally. Thank you all whom voted and helped us get nominated for a TTT award. Congrats to my bff Luis for winning all of those awards! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

MMM - A Brand new Model Compatition

Hey folks,

so I wanted to inform you that I'm running a Model competition and the Applications opened this evening.
Go here for more information.
You can apply as a Model or as a Judge.

Here is the trailer I've done:

I hope you like it! :)

Twinkle Twinkle,
Manda El Rose