Sunday, January 20, 2013

We Go For Gold - The New Rio Collection

A few days ago the Rio-Shop brought us a new collection. The main-color and topic was 'GOLD', just like in the new jewelry-collection from Glam'rus before. (love this collection, but way too expensive in many pieces...).
So I visited the shop and - wow- I was surprised. Some really good pieces and prices, well many accessoires for Starcoins and the best clothes also for Starcoins! Of course I catched them after look trough the whole Collection.
1| Stella Long Blouse 95 Sc  2| Made For Shine Dress, 160 Sc

I really love this dress, it's so chic and elegant. A piece, which is extravagant and not that easy to combine like this minimalistic blouse. Both pieces are a totally Musthave for me, and the price is perfect for them I think. OMG can't stop talking about how much I love this dress, it's my new favourite dress in the closet and hell yeah my MeDoll owns many dresses.

These are two Outfit-Ideas of wearing the pieces as eyecatcher. Ok the dress IS an eyecatcher, you can't combine it better if you go with another Higlight in the Outfit as with the dress. You understand?

It's boring to see my MeDoll as the model? Show me your Outfits with the Rio-pieces! Create an Outfit and upload it. Write the link in the comments, all Outfits will be presented here in my next post!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #7

Over the course of this week, my style forte' has been going through the roof. I mean, seriously; it has. My new year's mantra has been going very well and I've been coming up with new, fresh looks with a lot of my older items by mixing them with newer ones. Coveting wise, I'm almost so so close to getting that Hermes bag from Fashion Inc., which is very exciting for me. I've already been dreaming about what I can style it with once I get it. It goes to show that Hermes bags are a brilliant way to style an outfit, yet I wish that Stardoll would create more for us fashionistas to enjoy. This goes to show why I spent some time again today to create a Hermes inspired bag in Stardesign jewelry today. Although I was trying to be cost effective, I like the turn out so far. After creating my outfit today, I got back into making a proper lookboard for once:

Trendwise, I believe that white and neutral tones will be in with gold details, such as jewelry and shoes. Stardoll released a collection of this sort today in Rio full of white clothes with glittery details, not to mention bags, shoes, and belts. My look today was made with a very affordable, good item I bought from Rio today, which was a creme, oversized sweater that can be worn as a dress only or with leggings. I chose to wear it as a dress since it's so easy to style (I will be making many more outfits with it) I really do feel that my look was also inspired by the fact that I'm making a Hollywood inspired suite in the coming weeks, which expounds upon minimalistic, clean, white spaces. It really does matter to have the style to match your home! I can just picture myself walking down a Dollywood Rodeo Drive in this ensemble, it's really fitting.

Earrings - Glamrus and Film Theory
Necklace(s) - Rio, Bonjour Bizou, and Decades
Sweater - Rio
Undershirt(s) - Special Offer and Stardesign Fashion
Watch - It-Girls
Sunglasses - Spectacular
Hermes inspired bag - Stardesign Jewelry
Socks - It-girls
Shoes - It-girls


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #6

Hey everyone! This is just a simple outfit post for you all to enjoy. Today, I fiinally registered and started to play Fashion Inc. finally since I'm lusting over the spiked Harley bag, which is a wonderful chic Birkin that I have to add to my collection. I am currently working on a Hollywood inspired penthouse in my suite, so I don't have any interior tips at the moment. You all probably noticed that there was more decor for the Opulence collection, which I might be purchasing some of to compliment my Hollywood-inspired spaces.
(via Underneath Stardoll)
In my opinion, the Opulence collection is just another thing for members with tons of money whom don't want to buy the exact same things from the Glamour collection, which provides the same Hollywood Regency, Gilt Mirrors, Victorian Chaises, and French-inspired Candelabras. It's work spending a lot of money on these items only if you really want them. You can find very similar things in Glamour, but to each his own.

Hat(s) - Mr.
Crystal and strass earrings - Bonjour Bizou
Oversized top - Archive
Hermes inpired bag - My design
Christian Louboutin inspired heels - Young hollywood
Sunglasses - Fashion Inc.
So, I'm absolutely in love with the new hats or snapbacks from Mr. Stardoll did such a grerat job graphics wise. If you look closely at them, you can see the simulated wear and tear like they're vintage. If our community still hosted a fashion week, it would be awesome to "wear" these hats to those events/shows on the front row! The snapbacks are really popular with many people and remind me of the ones from Supreme, which have been seen being worn by the members of OFGWKTA and many other celebrity figures.
My look today wasn't inspired by anything in particual, and it's not as if it should be all of the time. I decided to wear the Hermes bag I made. It's inspired by Ruby Carminella's design, yet since I'm not about to throw down 100 Stardollars, I made my own for half of the cost (55 Stardollars in total). The snapback really, in my opinion, compliments that aspect. I've always had an admiration for my Young Hollywood heels, yet I haven't worn them with much.
You can say that this entire outfit is made with items that I hardly have worn, just as I said I was going to do in my last post.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Limited Edition Design Notice

So guess what? I'm officially opening up my Stardoll clothing shop very soon. Now anyone can own any of my designs. However, since I am not Superstar, you can just reserve me an item in your Starbaazar from your closet that might be on my wishlist and I'll send you so many designs based on how much I wanted that item. These are limited editon items. Sound legit to you all? If anyone is intrested in anything I have below or if you'd like something custom, just message me so that we can work out the details. I'll be fair as long as you are! Here are just a few below that I've already sold to clients both male and female:
They will make a great asset to your clothing collection. Visit me @ Ashley_Doggett if you'd like one, just sign my guestbook.  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #5

Hello readers! I'm pretty sure some of you have been wondering where I went. As of late, my blogger account is not letting me upload images the correct way, and yet after numerous complaints they still have not fixed the problem for me. Anyhow, my days on Stardoll have been very fun ones. It's a new year, which means that I should take the time to have a new ethos to a lot of factors that make playing Stardoll fun. For one thing, I've been saving up my Stardollars more wisely now, which means I won't be dropping them off at the hat for some deliciously great deals in Starplaza/Starbaazar anymore unless it's a great interior item, which I won't be able to resist.
I've been saving only because I've realised how many clothes I have and how many of them, once I buy it, that I don't even wear half of the time. I usually go back to my usual favorites such as my oversized tan sweater from It-Girls or my black leather leggings from Rio. Looking though my storage and closet, I've decided to wear my newer clothes more often now than ever before. Of course, I'll be incorperating some of my older items to give my looks what they really need. Afterall, oldies are goodies! I'm going to go for a luxurious look all of the time. It truly shows in my lifestyle obsessions of the day: using old and new fashion and interior items to create a luxurious, appealing look that is asthetically pleasing.
On another level, Stardoll has released some intresting items for the Winter Peak collection:
(images via Underneath Stardoll)

Personally, I adore the fur rack, tub, gaslight table fire place, and the furry chairs. They have a very luxurious, modern feel to them. A lot of the items have a very indie feel to them, such as the owl pillows. I can see these in any hip kid's suite lofting lazilly. They are just plain cute anyway!

Luxury has been a very prevalent and important factor in my whole life, and I try to incorperate that sort of lifestyle into my Stardoll life, which is both fun and thrilling. So style wise, I've been a little bit...indulgent:
My look is inspired by no one other than the legendary Valentino Garavani. At the time that I took both of these pictures, I was going through a slight phase obsessing over Stardoll socialites of yore and their then incredible layering techniques. It's amazing what you can do with the right items! A simple red evening dress became a flowing, luxurious, designer inspired creation with the additonal layering of like colors and textures.
You get the idea. My dress is not to scale with this one, yet the energy of Valentino rides high within it. My jewelry is a Christmas gift from my food friend Bracilia-Jeru and my clutch is Alexander McQueen inspired. My look may be a bit opulent to some people's taste, yet it's a mantra I sort of live by. I'm dramatic and bold, and it simply shows through what I put on daily. Whether it's minimalistic or all out haute couture, it's going to be bold.  I'm not sure that I'll create more Valentino inspired looks, yet though experimentation I've seen that it can be accomplished fashionably and cheaply. It all depends on what you have!
(click, or visit my suite for a better view)
I have spoken about in the last 3 posts about how important it is for those whom are wanting to display their favorite bags/shoes to do it in a presentable way. I finally completed my favorite, and possibly at the moment best interpretation of a bag/acsessory closet. Although the general layout has since changed towards the right, you can all get the general idea as to how I did this: color cordination, matching designer brands with eachother, bag types, and shapes. Stardoll's item shrinking tool helps make layering the items to size more realistic and defined: you can turn items any way, shape, or size you want to create a desired look. My friend jjgangstevenjj has a very admirable, clean bag showcase that is much easier to attempt, not copy:
Stevenson has done a very basic, yet good example of a bag closet. He is showcasing his favorite bags on shelving appropriate for their size and form.
I would like for you all when you do or attempt to create a bag showcase to send me your images via dollymail. I'd love to showcase and give you tips on this blog. Happy designing! Until next time, Dollywood.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

StarDesign: The Creative Side Of Stardoll

After a Christmas-break and New Year's Eve (hope your start in 2013 was good) I am back. Today I want to bring you the StarDesign from Stardoll. My first idea for the post was totally different to the version now, but it's so hard to find a talented Designer for every range of the StarDesign. Of course there are many talented MeDolls out there, but just a few are for my taste of Style.

So now it's a different version, but I hope still good. At first I want to show you the clothes & hair I got from StarDesign. From StarDesign Interior I just have wall-parts for the suite, uninteresting and unecessary to post about. Let's start!

1| designed by I-Love-Green 2| designed by sweet_elle44 3| designed by Jainijain 4| designed by me, LAVIVAA

1| designed by spica9 2|  & | designed by jelinna 4| designed by KatyaCharm

 Other interesting Designers:




I like the StarDesign at this time more than ever before, you can find some nice pieces and creations from great talents. Especially the StarDesign Hair is my favourite, all the different hairstyles, shapes for the MeDolls body & face (which let the MeDoll be more realisitc). All these ideas to make a MeDoll more individual and special -  a good way to express yourself. And in my opinion in the Hair-topic you can find the best talents out there, you can open your mind to new ideas and creations. The Interior-topic is the hardest, I think. Mostly you just can find posters or cool covers like from missstellola99, who designed the Vogue-Cover with a dog. 
In the fashion-part I like Statement-clothes the most. Simple jackets and so on you can design by yourself or buy cheap, but the real talents are those, who create a Statement. My favourite shirt at the moment is my new one from Jainijain, who paired Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort with Louis Vuitton-Sign. Funny and kinda high-fashion.

We can complete the list of Designers, just write a comment which Stardoll-Designer you like the most and in which range she/he is 'at home' - fashion, interior,jewelry,hair. The list can be your Shopping-Guide in the world of StarDesign in Stardoll. And it's always great to know more and more talented MeDolls and buy from them. 

So leave a comment under this really short post (sorry for that...)! :) 

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