Monday, February 18, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #9

So I'm sure that some of you attended some after parties after the TTT awards, right? I hope you did! It's only natural to keep the fun going once all of the formal hype has gone down. That's exactly what I did. I got a late night invite from a good friend of mine in Dollywood to go to an after party, so I suited up in my "sexy" clothes and headed out to the chat lounge for a TTT soiree.
This is an outfit I wore to an after party I was invited to after the TTT awards. Although I do not personally agree with the whole "elite" status quo, I found it funny to wear a shirt for kicks. I designed it in the new stardesign promotion for Monster High. I love when Stardoll does things like this because I can make designs and not pay stardollars for them. I know, it sounds very cheap of me but I am a frugal artist! The party lasted for quite a while. We all discussed our celebrity in Dollywood, fashion, and a minature "catfight" nearly errupted between two of Dollywood's popular bloggers (but my lips will never tell!). In all honesty, a good time was had and everyone looked great. While all of this was going on, I was doing a bit of trend spotting and noticed a few people wearing the new Royalty only wigs, which in my opinion are the only items worth buying from that shop. 

Sheer Top - Archives
Tank - My Design
Skirt - Archives
Chanel inspired clutch - Voile
Tights - Special Offer
Shoe(s) - Combination between My Design and Rio
Have any after party glam shots? Send them my way!

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  1. i love this blog,but that has to be the worst shirt i have ever seen,elite,seriously?