Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #10

Hey readers! So, I have a new lookboard to present!

So this is my look board for today. Lately I've been inspired by sensuality. Maybe it's because I've been reading a lot of books with, let's just say, "adult" themes. I'm still into the ever present white, minimalist trend, yet something aout sensuality hits me on a more personal level. I've read an amazing photo diary called Carnival Strippers, which documents the photos taken by a feminist photographer in the 1970's of literal strippers who worked for traveling fairs. The small "photo series" I have alongside my lookboard is inspired by that. I've also watched a very moving yet brutally honest documentary called Whore's Glory that puts some true perspective on prostitution but moreso on the women who are involved in the business.
However don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting that I'm into the sex trade or dressing like a sex worker/stripper. What I'm intrested in is the pure sensuality that goes along with it. It really translates well into one's dressing.
Fur - Barbie Campaign
Sheer Shirt - Archives
Bra - Basics
Belt - Archives
Hermes inspired Bag - Rio
Skirt(s) - Combinations between Rio and Fallen Angel
Shoes - Nelly
Sunglasses - Decades
Earrings - Combinations between Film Theory and Glamrus'

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a virtual "night on the town" after the TTT awards with a few of my friends. The next day when I logged into my account, I just tweaked the outfit a bit to include the sheer top with was a gift from my best friend Laia_Fergusson_ who owns and runs Luis' Kingdom. Sheer, black, and leather details really evoke a strong sense of sensual beauty in my opinion.
Although I don't usually rehash clothes I wore the day before, I'm in love with this top. I've always wanted the sheer L-S top from Archives for a while. It seems like all of my wishlist dreams are coming true slowly, and as a Stardoll fashionista it's only natural to covet the best of the best.

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