Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #8

So it's been a while since I posted here! Wow, huh? Well, Dollywood has been going through a lot of intresting things lately to keep us all entertained and I've been busy keeping up with it. We've had two awards shows going on, several magazine releases, and a fantastic fashion show that made us look back longingly on a long gone era. Aside from that, I've been persuing a modeling career in Dollywood to balance out my fashion commentary and socialite work, and it's been very fun! Recently I had my own feature with Kirsten(Sparklewand12) in Pau.Cam.Arena and Laia_Fergusson_'s magazine Trendy:
So as you can tell, things have been very exciting yet busy for me. I have a lot of magazine articles to write for several others, which means more exposure that I'm craving, but I missed you all!
Anyhow, I put this look together without a pure "theme" I guess. I'm still using old items with my newer pieces, yet this look is compiled of everything I've had for the pasr 6 months or more. I've hardly done any shopping!
Jacket: Bonjour Bizou
Shirt : My Design
Belt: Archive
Skirt: Archive
Fur: Decades
Celine inspired Bag: Tingeling
Tights: Special Offer
Shoes: Combination Between My Design and Rio
This marks my return finally. Thank you all whom voted and helped us get nominated for a TTT award. Congrats to my bff Luis for winning all of those awards! :)

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