Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lifestyle Obessions #11

Hello everyone! As of late, I'm sure you've all been noticing the fact that I've been writing more fashion/lookbook articles rather than ones aimed at interior design. Well, here it goes! It's simply a part of my obligations to you wonderful readers to talk about my interior ideals, trends, and ect. However, before I delve off into this post, I'd like to share my latest project:
I only have one phrase for you all: art & lifestyle. The project is still in the works, so keep looking out for updates! If you are intrested in being involved in it, give me a reply in my guestbook. You know where to find me.
Now, onward to the post:
After some time ( 3 hours to be exact ), I have completed my dream closet to show off my favorite vintage cocktail dresses , gowns , furs and  as well as a few of my favorite designer inspired items (Hermes, Louis, Burberry, ect.). This interior project was really a labor of love on my part as I went off of a blueprint that really matched my dreams and Stardoll bank account. I envisioned a space dedicated solely to fashion and nothing else, filled with elegant furinature, baubles, and fresh accents of flowers. My good friend Stlgossip16 helped me with choosing the furnishings from the new Opulence collection in Starplaza. Kudos to him! Take a look at his closet space before you continue with your proceedings to see why I consulted with him:
As you can see, he's wonderful as well. However, my talent is often met with the mentality of an artist, thus leading to my profound thoughts being fueled by something or someone else in that matter. 
My new closet is heavilly inspired by Dollywood's super socialite Isabella.Arci, whom I have admired for some time now due to her prowess as a, you guessed it, fashionista. You could once find these ladies suites decked out in pure extravagance, mixing vintage furinature with modern items to create a fab look way before it became popular in the mainstream Stardoll scene. These screencaps were taken somewhere between
late 2007- early 2008 I suppose.
Isabella.Arci Then...:
Everything about these spaces really gave me a "jolt" per say. I loved the look of the layered Persian rugs and the floral arangements, which reminded me heavilly of my own vision. One can't help but to further emulate to some extent.
However, with Isabella's return to Dollywood, she has revamped her suite and closet space to this.
ladies and gentlemen, feast:
It is purely seen that there are several inspiring members on Stardoll that know what they're doing with their interior design.  Although it is not proper to copy another's look, take these images in good stride and be inspired with caution.

Happy designing, loves!


  1. I'm so glad I read this post! It has really inspired me to have a go at advanced interior design, I hope i will be able to complete my dream closet too :)