Monday, March 4, 2013

Lifestyle Obsessions #12

Lately my days on Stardoll and in real life have been very exciting. People have been purchasing my artwork, school is almost over for me, and I am college bound very soon. I'm also making minature headway with my fictional story/log about Dollywood social life Here. 

However, I have other thoughts to attend to. I hear that a lot of you are excited about making your own personal closet in your suites due to my last post, which really made my heart flutter. I appreciate all of the comments in my guestbook concerning the blog post and I will be more than happy to share more of my interior design ideas with you all the while sharing the talents of others. It would be awesome if you all could send me some of your attempts, good or bad, so that I can display them sometimes. Your inspiration has helped fuel my own interior design dreams. Thanks to you all, I'll be attempting my latest project, which I will possibly reveal tomorrow if all is good.

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I've also decided to share some images from my Stardoll design journals with you all so that you can get a glimpse as to where my inspiration comes from. I think it's important, even if you are not artistically inclined, to keep a record of your daily events in a note book. It's fun to look back on to see where you were mentally at that point and time.  I do this a lot with my own personal fashion choices when it comes to plotting out my outfit for the next day. I'm not a super organized person, yet it does help to make a list of what you have worn and haven't (especially when you have so many clothes).

Now, onto today's obsessions!


Jacket - Combinations between Archives and
Bag -
Tights - Special Offer
Pumps -
Sunglasses - LE
Necktie- Archives
Pumps - Nelly
Earrings - Combinations between Film Theory and Glamrus'

I have not been updating my outfits lately, yet I have plenty of look boards in my folder to show you all one day. This outfit was inspired by Kim Kardashian, one of my "style" icons. I don't always agree with what she has on since a stylist usually picks out most of her clothes alongside Kanye West, yet that doesn't mean she doesn't look great in them. None the less, this is the outfit! There is not much to say other than black never goes out of style. It's a very versatile shade!


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Part of my latest interior feat deals a lot with modernist architecture and design overall. I am still on my Hollywood, minimalist kick when it comes to this style, so I want to incorperate a room in my suite to reflect my inspirations and ideas. However, I always take to the streets of Dollywood to see what examples I can find for you all before I show you my own. Some things are just easier to look at.

Member Laaajzaa had a modernist living space that I could just not ignore. I have had these images for a while in my "suite ideas" folder for about two months, so they might be a bit dated, but it's totally worth taking a look at. I would only serve you the best!

Closet Spaces:

Living Room Spaces:

I hope you all have been having fun in Dollywood!

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