Monday, March 25, 2013

Ashley_Doggett here!

Hey everyone!
Before I begin my blog post, I want to say thank you to all of the members on Stardoll who voted me NCG of Germany recently. Once more, thanks. It means a lot for me to represent German fashionistas on Stardoll or for whatever reason you all voted me. As of now, I'm not doing very much or finding anyone worth a whole segment  of Lifestyle Obsessions nor am I really "inspired" by much these days. I am however in the process of opening a design shop in my suite once I finish with the interior decorations, ect. You all possibly saw me speak about it on my personal blog The Dollywood Socialite.  
I will be posting a few more of my looks this week that I missed posting here very soon. I'm a bit behind on my blog posts here but I'll be back very soon! It's just been hard to bring you all something worth speaking about. I will however share my current look with you all. I might have to take back what I said about being inspired since this outfit seems to scream Shala Monroque at the front row of a Prada or Celine show. I bought a bunch of things from Tingeling since Stardoll is shutting down the store after 7 years of it being around. I'm going to miss it!
Earrings - Combinations between Tingeling and Bonjour Bizou
Shirt - Tingeling
Skirt - Tingeling
Belt - Archives
Detail on belt - Combinations between Windows on the World and Folk(Bazaar)
Bracelets - Combinations between Liu Jo and Special Offer
Clutch - Tingeling
Detail on clutch - Folk(Bazaar)
Strappy Sandals - Folk(Bazaar)
I'll have more here soon, so hang in there!

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